Behind the Scenes: The Infinity Transmission

Science fiction is unique in the genre fictions because it explores sociologic themes in addition to the psychological ones explored by the other genres.  Sci fi loves to look at the broader dynamics and questions, like What if robots became sentient? or What would an alternate universe look like? or Which part of a human body would an alien most want to fuck?

The answer to that last one is pretty simple.  If aliens exist, they don’t want to fuck you. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but no. They evolved on planets vastly different than ours and have wildly different biologies and sociologies.  You’d have better luck seducing a lobster, because at least that lobster shares the same DNA structure as you, which most likely isn’t true for extraterrestrials.

Anyway, I wrote the Infinity Transmission bundle of stories to explore the idea that women are actually in control of the planet.  Sure, men seem to be in charge, what with being the heads of state of most nations and the leaders in all industries, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Men are constantly fascinated by female sexuality, which is telling because those who are in power are very rarely interested in those who are beneath them.  They seem aware of this paradox, too, convinced that a sexy woman has control over them, forcing them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t, and they are convinced they must maintain the upper hand….which is weird, because if they really are so powerful, what are they worried about? Nevertheless, you see them working to gain/maintain dominance every day.  Male lawmakers pass legislation to control female sexuality, people blame rape victims for the violence perpetrated against them, and even our lexicon attacks female sexuality: the word “slut” exclusively derides women.

Perhaps you would argue that if women really were the more powerful gender and really did rule the world, then why are women so interested in marrying wealthy and powerful people?  Doesn’t that show how weak we are and how badly we need men to take care of us?  Isn’t it known that power is an aphrodisiac?  Hasn’t it been proven, time and again, that women evaluate their male partners in terms of status?  After all, aren’t we positively single-minded when it comes to giving our romance novel heroes their fictional jobs?  We want to fantasize about doctors and lawyers and billionaires, not gas station attendants, and we will pay money for it.

Sure.  I won’t deny it.  Women love powerful men….and what we love most in our fantasies about powerful men is the idea that he finds us irresistible.  In other words, he needs us.  I would almost argue that at the heart of every romance novel is a quiet, unspoken power play.  A power play won by the woman, who it always turns out has captured the man’s heart.  It reminds me of the advice often given to men who face prison: find the biggest, baddest motherfucker you can and kick his ass.  Women aren’t really into physical ass-kicking, but anyone who has watched Gossip Girl will tell you we are no strangers to aggressive power plays.

Truth is, if you look at the DNA evidence, which tells us about our history as a species, our female ancestors reproduced 80% of the time.  Men only passed on their genes 40% of the time. (Source: A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogas and Gaddam).  That means, throughout our history as a species, twice as many women reproduced as men.  Evolutionarily speaking, if you pass on your genes to the next generation, you have succeeded.  That is how evolution works.  If your offspring survives to make more offspring, then your genes are carried on and you have achieved a certain kind of immortality.

So if twice as many women pass on their genes as men, that means women as a group are far more successful than men have ever been.  Men have been telling themselves they’re in charge this whole time, and they love to point to the individual accomplishments of men in science and other powerful fields.  But when it comes down to it, women are the ones passing on their genes.  We are the ones evolution remembers, and evolution outlasts history.

What I’m saying is: we are the gatekeepers of the human gene pool.

The gene pool is the most powerful force humanity has.  It determines who we are as a species.  And control of its contents rests firmly in the hands of horny women, by a ratio of two to one.

I don’t normally write sci fi because broad sociological issues aren’t really my thing.  However, when I wrote this one I felt I had to address the issue of true power.  If an alien race really did come to visit our planet, I’m certain they would want to speak to the leader of the planet.  Why wouldn’t they?  That’s the premise of many a Star Trek episode, and I can’t imagine who else they might want to speak to.

So if an alien race really did show up at Earth’s door, who would they want to talk to?  The President of the United States?  That’s who Earthlings would consider the leader of the Free World.


If aliens were astute enough to actually reach our planet, they’d also have a fairly good understanding of how shit works over here.

They’d go for the top porn star, because they’d reasonably believe she was in charge.

You can count on it.

The Infinity Transmission


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