Who They Are

A Little, or a Babyfur if you’re a furry, is an adult who likes to pretend they are a child or who likes to interact with adults who pretend to be children. Another term for it is “ageplay,” but that term is unfortunately starting to be used by people as a euphemism for pedophilia, which is completely different. Littles are consensual adults.


You may familiar with the acronym BDSM, and Littles have a similar one: ABDL, meaning Adult Baby or Diaper Lover. There’s a slight distinction in those terms: an AB likes to pretend to be a baby, while a DL likes diapers. Those sound the same to an outsider, but they aren’t. For one thing, real babies are typically out of diapers by about age three, so if someone wants to pretend to be about eight or nine while wearing diapers, they’re clearly a DL, not an AB.


You may also have heard the acronym D/s, which stands for Dominant and submissive within the BDSM world. Littles have a similar dynamic, so they commonly use DD/lg, for Daddy Dom and little girl.


Individual Littles often identify with certain ages and will pretend to be that age when they enter “littlespace.” (Littlespace is when they are actively pretending, since almost none of them do it all the time.) If someone calls themselves a Middle, that person likely identifies as 9-15 when they are playing. A Big person is a caregiver. Not all Littles have a specific age or character they play. Many just like generic child-like stuff, like coloring and watching cartoons.


Why They Are Into This

Think of this as Nostalgia Gone Wild. When I was a kid, my family got a Sega, and my brother and I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog II religiously. As I got older, I lost interest in video games, but there’s still a special place in my heart for Sonic II. Now whenever I come across that old game and the ancient console, I have the impulse to play it, and when I do, it kind of feels like I’m back in that old house I haven’t seen in years, and all of the horrible things that have happened to adult me are magically erased. As long as I’m playing that game, I’m that invincible little girl again, and nothing has ever hurt me.


You probably have something like that in your life. Whatever that thing is for you, it takes you back to a happier time, maybe even a safer time. That feeling of safety and comfort is pretty much what a Little experiences when they are in littlespace. The difference between you having a nostalgic moment and a Little in littlespace is only a matter of degree. (Basically, what I’m saying is they’re having more fun than you.)


Littles are commonly powerful people. Their lives are full of stress and responsibility. Sometimes it’s hard for them to completely relax and let go of the stress in their lives. So they take time out from their lives and pretend to be someone with no real responsibilities or cares. To a Little, going into littlespace is one of the most peaceful places they can be.


Their Sex Lives

While this is a fetish, it’s probably the least sexual of the fetishes. Many Littles sexualize their activities, but it’s very common not to include sexual activity in play time. You don’t even need a partner for this fetish.


Maybe you like to put on a diaper and footie pajamas and drink beer from a sippy cup while you play games online.


Maybe you want to curl up with a life-size Hello Kitty doll, suck your thumb, and watch Pixar movies while your partner bakes you cupcakes with pink sprinkles.


Maybe you want to be told to eat Brussels sprouts and try to sneak them into the dog’s food bowl when your partner isn’t looking.


Maybe you want to draw on the walls with crayon and be sent to your room as punishment.


Maybe you want to dress in a schoolgirl outfit, put your hair in pigtails, and do dirty things for your Daddy.


Whatever your specific activity is, the key here is a loss of power and a gain of safety and comfort. “Power exchange” is a term you’ll hear a lot if you’re into BDSM, and a very similar dynamic exists in the Littles arena. However, when a submissive gives power to a Dominant in a BDSM context, the Dom usually exerts that power on the sub. A Little can give away power without having anyone exert power over them.


A Little can be a Little by themselves or in the company of another Little. If there is a Big or Middle around, they aren’t necessarily controlling the Little. It’s more of a caretaking role, rather than a dominating role. A submissive, on the other hand, needs a Dom to boss them around.


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