Animals That Hire Nannies

Okay, maybe not so much “hire nannies” as “abandon their young with a totally different species.”  Kind of like if you took your newborn to Africa and dropped them off with a gorilla.

If you have heard the term “cuckold,” you likely have a rough idea of this concept. If a man gets cuckolded by his wife, she might get pregnant through her infidelity. The husband could get stuck raising a child who isn’t his.


This sort of behavior is well-known among birds, especially the cuckoo. The parasitic bird goes to a victim’s nest and lays an egg. The egg gets raised by the victim, and often the parasitic offspring kills its nestmates.


Cuckoo bees and wasps are into abandoning their young, too. They lay their eggs in the nests of other bees and then fuck off, secure in the knowledge they have contributed to the next generation without actually having to deal with screaming toddlers.


In fact, getting someone else to raise your young isn’t just for shitheads like wasps. Even butterflies are into this shit. I shit you not, there is a species of butterfly that sprinkles perfume on their larvae, which causes some ants to take the larvae home to their nests and raise them as their own. These are undoubtedly the diva-est of all the butterflies, since these bitches convince the ants they are in fact queens and should be treated that way, and only the real queen is aware they aren’t really ants.


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