This blog is for people over eighteen years old only. If you are under eighteen, fuck off now, please.


To those of you still here, my name’s Amanda Riesling, and I write weird erotica. The “Library” page lists some of the erotica I have available for purchase on Kindle.


This blog is all about sex-related topics I find interesting. My curiosity is nigh limitless for this category, so in this site you’ll find a bizarre range of information. You can expect to learn about fetishes, gender politics, maybe even a little embryology (trust me on this one, the way a fetus builds itself from “sparkle in mom’s eye” to “vagina wrecker” is cool as fuck).


The site will be updated three times a week.  Monday and Thursdays will have informational posts about random topics.  Sundays will have a Behind the Scenes feature where I talk about writing one of my stories. Please subscribe so you won’t miss anything!


About me:

  1. My favorite animal is the great white shark, because I’m a sucker for underdogs.  If you have some spare change, please give it to someone who will help sharks, like maybe Sea Shepherd.  If you have some spare time, please write a letter to the lawmaker of your choice asking them to protect sharks.
  2. I have a “secret” stash of dark chocolate in my backpack. My boyfriend steals from it more than he will admit.
  3. I want to learn to sculpt so I can make a dildo.


Welcome to Deep Fried Pancakes.


If you want to contact me, my email is AmandaRiesling@gmail.com.


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