Sharks need friends, too

Sharks need friends

Sharks are headed for extinction.

This is bad news for everyone, everywhere.  Their status as apex predators means they are in charge of regulating populations in their native environment, which for sharks is the entire ocean.  Since oceans cover 75% of the planet, you could say sharks are in charge of keeping 75% of the planet healthy.  However, the rest of the planet needs the oceans to be healthy, so if the oceans are fucked, we’re all fucking fucked.

Sharks have a bum rap because they are scary, but the bullshit is they should fear our fear far more than we should fear them.  Over 90% of sharks have been killed by humans (millions per year), either for their fins or because somebody watched Jaws too many times.

Sharks have existed longer than dinosaurs have been extinct, and the ocean needs them. I know this is a sex blog, so I don’t want to ramble too much about how essential they are.  If you would like more info, please visit this page.

How to Help


Write an Email

If you have a spare moment, please send a quick email to the lawmaker of your choice asking them to protect sharks.  Here are some links to help you find contact details:

President of the USA

US House of Representatives

US Senate

Sea Shepherd Australia’s Apex Harmony has information on how to contact the Australian government to ask them to stop culling sharks.

If you have no idea how to write to a politician, Art of Manliness has some pointers.  Also, I love that site.


Sea Shepherd is awesome.

Shark-Friendly Vacation

People have a tendency to  help things that make money.  There are some industries which make money off sharks without killing them.

Cage diving is fucking awesome.  Go have some fun and throw money at someone who has a vested interest in protecting sharks.

SCUBA diving is also cool, and areas which are popular among divers tend to have people advocating for their protection.  It’s less direct than cage diving, but it’s still fun, and anybody protecting any part of the ocean is bound to help a shark somehow.


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